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White Sourdough Artisan Bread

Feb 27

Sourdough – yummy, yummy!

A new week is upon us and all is progressing well. While the team get on with the renovations we have started to focus on the bread, as that is what it is all about!

We are really looking forward to bringing our range of sourdoughs to the people of Bramhall. Scott has been busy perfecting his levain or starter (the natural leavening medium which produces the distinctively tangy or sour taste) as we want to get the flavour just right. Our sourdoughs will be authentic with no preservatives, additives or chemicals added and baked fresh from scratch everyday.

Let us know about your favourite breads.

Apricot and Fruit Artisan Bread

Feb 23

How big is that oven?

Scott’s itching to get baking. He’s been out choosing his oven and mixers – like a kid in a toy shop!! Let’s just hope the oven fits through the front door, otherwise his joinery skills are going to be tested to the limit…

I’ve been working on designs for the shop front. We can’t wait to see what the designers come back with and for our ideas to turn into reality (and the shop to start looking pretty).

The boys from Irish and Walker are doing a great job on the building works and if things keep going to plan then the smell of fresh bread will be wafting through Bramhall before you know it. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Fresh bread from the oven

Feb 15

Out with the old…

You can’t beat a good before and after photo. It’s only the start of day three and as you can see work is already well underway. This is what we are starting with – don’t you just love the blue…

The boys were able to get their fun tools out of the van and destroy, destroy, destroy!!! Tomorrow, the floor.

Feb 12


Well that week has gone quickly! Seems that time runs away with you when you are building a bakery… Lots has been happening and we are starting to see our dreams becoming more real by the day. The old floor has completely gone and the new level floor is starting to take shape.

We’ve been focusing on finalising the layout and I’m very excited by how it’s all coming together. It has been challenging trying to visualise counters, merchandising, decoration etc. when there are no walls and floors. We’ve been looking at some really cool bakery set ups and designs from around the world, now to manage the imagination within the budget…

Scott’s been busy buying more equipment – seems a bit unfair that he gets to do all the shopping and I’m wading through piles of paperwork!!

Feb 09

A new bakery!

Love the smell of warm bread coming out of the oven. Well you’re in luck. A new bakery is opening in Bramhall Village!

Today we signed the lease and will collect the keys for the shop at 6 Bramhall Lane South that will become the Bramhall Bakery. The journey starts here (well it started a while ago, but it really starts now) as we get to work building our bakery.

We are aiming to be pulling the first delicious loaves out of the oven in less than 12 weeks, but there is a long way to go. In fact, not only do we need to set up the ovens, we need to build floors, walls, source equipment, test the products (yummy, yummy) and do everything else it takes to get the doors open to the hungry people of Bramhall!

You can follow our story in this blog.

Jan 19

Community support

The last few days have been very busy. Major progress has been made on the building works; demolition has been completed and the plans for the new layout have been finalised. We’ve also been offline, moving to Bramhall ourselves. We are very much looking forward to becoming part of the village community.

We are very excited by the level of support we have received for opening a new craft bakery in the village. Sadly the number of local bakeries has reduced dramatically in the UK to less than 3500 and 80% of bread is made in factories and laden with chemical preservatives. We are passionate about traditional fresh bread baked locally and are really pleased that the people of Bramhall seem to agree!!